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The Code
The Lothlorien Foreign Legion Code of Conduct

1. The first thing a Legionaire must do is to have respect! Respect other players in the kin and in the game. Spamming, or Trolling is not permitted in any forum, be it world chat or kinchat.

1st a warning 2nd time Banishment

2. Legionaires are expected to be helpful with each other when possible. This of course means that asking for help does not always mean getting help immediately. It may mean someone will direct you to a place, or member who has that knowledge. Sometimes we must do our own leg work.

3. Assistance in Crafting is always available but again you may have to be patient with your request and more often than not you should be prepared to supply the mats.

4. Assistance with runs will be given when possible. Again, respect and patience are key. Remember we all have limited time in game and not everyone can drop what they are doing to fast travel to to Moria to help you slay the Balrog.

5. Do not bother Gandalf when you first meet him,..he is very preoccupied these days. He will talk with you when he needs to.

6. Harrasment of any kind, sexual, racist, or bullying of other kin will not be tolerated. Bring your concerns to the Kin Leader. They will be investigated and all parties will be informed of any action that may be taken.